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New York Real Estate: Jody Kriss

new york real estateThe New York real estate sector is very lucrative and this explains why top real estate tycoons have invested a lot in it. Out of these big tycoons who have a stake in the real estate sector in New York is one Jody Kriss, East River Partners LLC. He has built a stellar career in New York’s real estate for the last 16 years he has been actively involved in the sector. Below is a sneak preview of his illustrious career in the city of New York.

Who is Jody Kriss?
Jody Kriss is a real estate magnet who has been involved in the development and financing of some real estate that rank among the finest in the New York City. He graduated from the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania, a number one business school, in the year 1996. In his early years, Jody worked as a project manager and analyst for Athena Group which was developing real estate that was high-end in Manhattan. One of the notable properties that he was involved in was the 838 Fifth Avenue, which in the year 1999 was the first to reach the $2000 mark per square foot. He also worked with the APC Realty Advisors where he also contributed to a number of projects that included the successful conversion of a condominium in Tribeca measuring 100,000 square feet.

He also made partner during his stint at Bayrock Group, LLC where he was also instrumental in the development of some high profile real estate projects. He was one of the principle behind the development of a hotel based in Manhattan that rose 47 floors from the ground up. He also participated in a rezoning project that involved property measuring 13 acres at the Waterfront in Queens. He thrived well in the New York real estate property business that dealt in luxurious high-end properties. In 2010, together with Joseph Cohen, he founded East River Partners LLC as he wanted some change in his career.

East River Partners LLC
This real estate company has quickly earned success due to the high reputation it gets from Jody Kriss’s leadership as well as the great combination of an investment manager and a real estate developer. This has enabled the company to streamline its finance and development processes that are crucial in the real estate industry thereby making their buyers have the great experience when dealing via them. East River Partners aims at developing apartments that are family oriented and those that combine modern amenities with some historical architecture to bring out beautiful and great living spaces. ERP aims at developing properties in areas that are highly desirable and where the demand is equally strong. They also look at areas that have limited supply as Jody Kriss and his partner aim at bringing new opportunities and options to neighborhoods that need them.

Jody Kriss is working hard at changing the look of the New York real estate sector and with his partner at ERP, they have several exciting developments coming up. It is worth noting that since they formed their company, they have worked on the development of over eight properties in the areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn which are estimated to be worth well over $100 million. Due to his pursuit of excellence that is tenacious, his best is still to come and the real estate sector in New York will surely change for the better.